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                  中文域名:江蘇揚碟.com    江蘇揚碟.cn    江蘇揚碟.net



                  企業現有職工218人,其中工程技術人員62人 ,各類研發、生產、檢測設備100余臺(套),具備年產1.2億元PCD、PCBN刀具的能力。公司主要生產、制造、銷售聚晶金剛石(PCD)、立方氮化硼(PCBN)、天然金剛石(ND)等各類機床加工用的超硬刀具,產品廣泛應用于汽車、電子、風電、摩托車等行業的高精密加工。




                  Jiangsu YangdieJewellery Tools Co.,Ltd. (formerly known as Zhenjiang Diamond Alloy Tools Factory) established in 1992, is located in Economic Development Zone of Yangzhong, which is an abundant islandin Yangtze River. It is a private high-tech giant enterprise which has the ability of research and development, producting, selling, and offering whole solutions for customers.


                  218 employees work in our enterprise, 62 of them are engineers and technicians. We have more than 100 equipments of research and development, producting and testing. Yearly output for PCP and PCBN is 120 million Yuan(RMB). We specialize in all kinds of superhard cutting tools for NC machine, such as PCD, PCBN, Natural Diamond, etc. Our products are widely used in automobile, electronics, wind power, motorcycle and other industries.


                  Since we consistently take “promoting enterprise by science and technology” as operation principle, take “high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision, high-safety and reliability” as quality belief, take “mastery, tough, honesty and kindness” as spirit pursuit, we long-termly invite experts at home and abroad as technical consultants and establish good relationship with Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Jiangsu University, etc.. Thus we realize the healthy development of sharing resources, information and interests.


                     Now we have become a well-known enterprise of manufacturing natural/ artificial diamond tools and PCD/ PCBN superhard cutting tools.